Problem Tech?

We have all experienced the odd glitch with technology, the sudden crash of a system or a failure in a component. We can offer a service that solves your tech glitches, gets the hardware running again, and advises you on the best course of action going forward. From a failing hard drive to advice on a new laptop, we can help. With our industry leading partner links to suppliers we can have the right product delivered to you quickly, problems resolved seamlessly and repairs made efficiently.

We partner with Novatech, an industry leading supplier of hardware, to bring you excellent customer service, cutting edge solutions and superior quality. With superb delivery times and competitive pricing we can deliver on your requirements.

Technology Confusion

What does that thingy do? How about the what's it called? Where is that bit? What do I press? Common questions which often leave you with frustration and disappointment in your device. If you want to get to grips with those options or setup that system, we could provide you with the know-how to impress your friends and clients.