Tom n Tech is available to provide you with a private tutoring solution designed around your needs. Whether you are an individual looking for some support in achieving your goal, or a school looking for an industry expert session, we have the solution for you. Our tutors are fully DBS cleared and available to travel to a location of your choice so you have complete peace of mind.

Primary School Tutoring - children

Primary Education Tutoring

In 2013 the UK Goverment announced a change to the national curriculum, there will be statutory programmes of study for computing at key stages 1 through 4. We understand that computing and programming are something of a black art to many, and want to support the young people of today in developing their skills and attaining good grades in their education. During primary education young people are taught the fundamentals of programming and computing, something we know a lot about!

If you would like Tom n Tech to support you in your introduction to computing, get in touch using the link below. Hand in hand with computing we offer Primary School maths tutoring also, helping cover those missing skills which help you to excel in computing. At £30 per hour Tom n Tech could be working alongside you sooner than you think.

All Tom n Tech tutors hold an Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service certificate. We regularly work with young people, adults and groups of all ages so we are great at judging our audience and editing our content to match their needs.

Secondary Education & GCSE Tutoring

Understanding Object Orientated Programming, collections, boolean logic and data types can be a mind-boggling time but we are here to help. Built upon years of industry experience we can help blast away those fears of computing terminology and get you back on the digital track. In addition to the technical aspects, with today's society being ever more connected with the Internet, there is an inherent level of insecurity which can be found in technology today. Encompassed within the Key Stage 3 and 4 syllabus is the understanding of technology risks and know how to reduce it.

Tom n Tech has worked with schools to deliver Computing lectures on the Fundamentals of Web Development, Online Security and Web Practices, Software Engineering Practices and Understanding of Industry I.T. If you are an individual or a school we could provide your next session(s). Starting at only £30 per hour we are a cost effective solution to delivering the knowledge you need.

Higher education tutoring - graduation

Higher Education Tutoring

Are you currently working towards a higher qualification in a technology related subject? If you are seeking some assistance with your research, an insight into the field you are studying or perhaps some friendly feedback on your paper, Tom n Tech is here for you.

We have experience in numerous technology fields ranging from computer systems through to the flight of UAV's. Often topics can seem daunting or sources can be few and far between so we can help point you in the right direction. From only £35 per hour we can support you in completing your studies.

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Tom n Tech can provide group tutoring sessions for people of all ages. Perhaps you are school, a social group or a team of professionals, we could design the session you require.

Groups & Adult Learners Tutoring

Sometimes we want to learn something new, catch up with the latest technology or understand what is going on around us. Adult learners are supported with Tom n Tech allowing them to develop their knowledge and enhance their technology awareness. Whether you are looking for individual or group sessions we can offer you a fantastic experience. With prices starting from £35 per hour, (discounts available for groups), you can get started today. We can cater for, or know tutors who can, a multitude of topics outside of the technology arena so it is worth getting in touch to see what we can offer.

Professional adult tutoring
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